wishlist of Peter Paine

The idea is that we swap equivalent things, so I offer a Symbolics system which cost me $30,000 to >$100,000 new for something that you have which might have cost a lot new and has now depreciated. The idea is not for you to buy something in order to barter with me - obviously I would prefer the cash (and cut the middlemen out). The objective with barter is to help those who have assets but no spare cash. The following are just vague suggestions (my birthday wishlist, and probably too specialist to be of use here) to give you some ideas, although I am open to any creative ideas of what you might be able to offer if you are short of cash.

last updated 19-Sep-2009

(1 = highest)
Work contacts or leads to business 1**
Mac Mini (Intel, 64bit) 1
Apple Xserve RAID disk (Fibre Channel interface) 1
Other RAID disk enclosure and interface (suitable for Mac)    
Pair of hifi speakers (old large Tannoy would be fine) 3
HiFi amp 4
Nikon 85mm f/1.4D IF AF 1
Nikon 50mm f/1.4D 1
Nikon D3 camera body (or D3x)  
Nikon D4 camera body (not invented yet - quiet, modular) 1
Kodak grey cards and other calibration charts 5
Compact Flash cards (2GB or larger) fast Lexar or Sandisk 5
Camera copy stand 5
Strobes and softboxes (remote radio trigger eg.Pocket Wizard)) 2
Nikon MR-3 and AR-7 3
PB-6 + PB-6E 3
Photo printer (separate inks)  
Digital video camera (camcorder, inc FireWire)  




Ebony large format camera (SV45Te)  
Plaubel PL69D (Peco Profila 69D camera set) 1
Eyelike Digital Back 2
Garmin cycle computer with HR, cadence, etc.    

NB. Remember to budget for packing and shipping cost (which are outside my control).
PS. Yes, I earn a living making (not taking) pictures (amongst other things).