A few common issues come up:

I ask everyone interested in acquiring lispm kit from me to make me an offer (barter or money).
Many ask me how much I want for some system ...
I ask them to make me an offer.
It would help if you made me an offer; I'm not looking to make a killing, but nor am I charity.

I ask that if you want to get something very cheaply, that you research your own packing, shipping, insurance etc.
Many ask me to quote for shipping.
I point out that they can find this out just as easily as I can, the difference being that I would have to charge them my huge consulting rate to do the job, and they can do it for themselves for free.

Why barter: I buy a computer system and software for $100,000, you or your employer buys say a camera lens for $1000, both are not new but work perfectly, we swap. If you put a cash value on your lens of say $900, it just makes me feel that I should change $90,000 for a computer system ... or something along those lines. Barter cuts out overheads, it can be fun. It also helps me swallow the huge capital loss that I will suffer! BUT it puts the focus on you to come up with some ideas of what to swap.

Most ask if I have available some system or component.
Every time I reply that if it is listed on this web site, it is available - make me an offer.
NB. I would like to part with the MacIvory III last as it is so useful to configure the other machines (sorry for the inconvenience).

I am often asked for one part from a Symbolics system. I may have it available as a separate part, or I may have it available only as an integral part of a whole working system. I would rather that anyone took the whole system at the same price, they can get all the rest free and use it for spares. Otherwise I will have to weigh up whether say the $100 offered for an XL1200 power supply is worth the whole machine (it is not!). By all means ask, I will just tell you whether the part is separate of part of a system which will be rendered non functional by removal of that one part. Then it is for you to make me a persuasive offer.

Obviously I am being abnormal in proposing to trade like this, but my intention is not to be a pain in the ...
It is just that I cannot be a free worker for all-comers. Nor am I regular retail outlet. Hence do not enjoy any economies due to scale.

On the same theme, I don't find arguments that their PC is faster than a 3600, hence a 3600 is worth less ... the least bit convincing - I'm offering them free anyway. Well the price of a beer or some such gesture of goodwill, surely the hernia I'll get helping ship a machine is worth that much.

The formula that I am offering is clearly totally weird - you make me a straight up sensible offer, work out your own shipping, I'll help as much as I can. But when people start to try to screw the last cent out of me ...! My response is simple, my price doubles and is still cheap.

My system may be off the wall (and it is not fixed), but it seems to work well for "my" sort of people - the straight up types. But I'm always open to constructive suggestions.

I work for a living, sometimes traveling, often doing Lisp consultancy troubleshooting, design and implementation jobs. I do apologize if my response is slow. I'm just back from California where I am involved in the prototyping a futuristic search facility (in lisp) for a major computer systems company - the work is challenging, exciting, and most distracting, so my concentrating on "home" activities can be feeble. I apologize in advance but promise to pay proper attention when I understand that you are genuinely interested in getting some part or Symbolics system.

Your recommendations and suggestions are always welcome, as are any additions that you would like to see to this site. Part of its purpose is to be a source of communal information. In particular if you would like to see photographs or details of any systems, just ask.