Your offer

If you want any the equipment listed on this site, you are invited to take the initiative by making a sensible offer (money (£ UKP) or barter).
Please do not ask me for a price, rather you take responsibility for deciding what is a sensible price.

All shipping and other costs are your responsibility (meaning that you take the time to research shippers, insurance etc. for yourself).

If you think about it, shipping a large computer and console is not as trivial as putting it in a bubble envelope, you'll probably want some case(s) to put it all in.
I will pack as requested, as far as I am able, ready for your chosen shipper to collect.

The rational behind such unusal delegation of responsibility (on you) is that for those who want to pay trivial amounts, for that you don't get unlimited amounts of my time and resources. Say it takes a full day to put a system together, then more time to check it out, install software, then disassemble, then yet more to pack and ship. This can all add up to a ton of work and costs for me. Given that over the years most take my systems and disappear without even fulfilling their promises to kep in touch ... the whole enterprise becomes rather demotivating at my end. But for those of you serious enough to pay proper rates for my work, I will jump to service your requirements with great motivation, professionalism, commitment and expertise.

By way of context, if you go to work on say a frugal salary of $50k/year (so you are no fat cat), that costs your employer ~$125k/year. Given 48 hard working weeks per year, we get (* 48 5 (- 17 9 1)) = 1680 hours/year, so (/ 125000 1680.0) = $74/hour. So say you want some 10 hours of me, plus overheads, materials, use of specialist equipment, etc. So you want some $1000 worth of me, but for the price of a beer (which I'll never see as we live on different continents). Hence I hope it's obvious why I put the burden of working out shipping on you. BTW my short term day rates are higher than that.

NB. I am not a trader, distributor, retailer or shop (just someone with a long standing passion for Lisp).