Feedback on you

This site gets about 100 hits per week (no doubt some robots, though the hit rate varies wildly from week to week). In 2001, 84 people wrote asking about acquiring Symbolics equipment.

The most common request is whether I have any systems available (the answer is always yes); the next most common request is for a free MacIvory. As my MacIvory is my most precious machine (perhaps apart from my XL1200) I won't be giving it away free.

It is rare for anyone to write asking for information beyond the normal questions that we'd all ask if we had never heard of a lisp machine before - beyond picking up a bit of rumor on comp.lang.lisp. I had hoped to augment this site with lots of technical information and photographs in response to people's requests.

Professionals are great, they simply request some specific system or component, so far we have always quickly agreed a sensible exchange, fee or free, and I can dispatch immediately. Students show a lot of interest, though none has had the bottle to take an L-bus machine yet (they are free)!

Some people have asked me to take machines that they don't want. I have managed to pass on a few to new homes. It can be difficult to explain that I cannot work for free for an indefinite period.

I don't particularly enjoy words like "I'll help you by taking a lispm off your hands". Who is doing whom a favor here? If you want something, just say so.

Overall you are what I would categorize as a diverse community of people with informed and enquiring minds - which I mean as the highest praise.