S-Graphics Systems

(High specification Lisp machines suitable for any Lisp processing but
and including special graphics hardware to support
3D modeling, painting, animation, rendering, temporal scripting, ...)

Ivory machines (48 bit VLSI processors)

XL1200 S-Animation system (PN 364251)
Ivory rev4A with FPA Vector accelerator chipset
8 MW RAM plus extra 8 MW RAM, AVP frame grabber,
2 x 760 MB ESDI disks, 1 x Seagate ST42400N 2.5GB SCSI disk
VME bus cards:
- Merlin II Main PCBA 170905
- Merlin IO Merlin FPA PCBA 170793,
- FrameThrower (plus spare)
Base: 37cm wide; body: 64cm high, 81cm deep, 23cm wide.
(photo) (prefer to bundle XL1200 spares, Exabyte, tablet, monitors, ... the works, to make a full professional animation system)

MacIvory III S-Animation system (photos)
Apple Quadra 950 with 20Mb RAM MacOS 8.1 3.5Gb SCSI disk
Ivory III with 4 MW
NuVista+ color graphics card
ADB box (pn 364229),
Symbolics keyboard and mouse (photos)
(prefer to keep ADB & keyboard as part of MacIvory)
This is a full spec animation system, it can be used as a minimal Lisp system, but that is to ignore a huge amount of it's capability and power.
G-machines (36 bit gate array architecture)

3650 S-graphics system (PN 364202)
Frame grabber spare disks full spec.

See: S-graphics software

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