Symbolics computer hardware

L machines (36 bit Symbolics computers)
            (high length width)
3600         (166 x 85 x 61cm)
3640         ( 76 x 79 x 45cm)
3670         (139 x 85 x 61cm)

G machines (Symbolics gate array processors) 3610 ( same as 3620 less cabinet side foot) PN (365603-1) 3620 ( 46 x 64 x 22cm) @ 35kg (PN 365603-1) 3630 ( 50 x 64 x 33cm) (PN 365800-2-1)
Ivory machines (VLSI processors)

For high performance systems see also S-graphics systems

Spares See Part Numbers for more detailed listing. Fujitsu Eagle 474 Mb SMD disks Owl disks (original removable pac) SMD XT-1120 & XT-1190 ST106 disks EMD 386 Mb disks and power supplies new ESDI 386 and 768 Mb disks Tapes streamer drives DC 300XL/P 60Mb tape cartridges Exabyte 8mm tape streamer LGP-1 Laser printers with toner & ink DPL-24 dot matrix printer with spare ribbons Printer acoustic hood 1200 and 2400 baud external modems (Hayes) 3 button mice with mats (including original Symbolics keyboards (the best kbd ever designed) Thick ethernet cabling, drop cables, Cabletron ST-500 Lanview ethernet trancievers (with diagnostic LEDs) Console cable remote connection terminals Console interface box for color only systems (pn 365208-2) Spare cards (Lbus and Sbus): G-machine SMD, ESDI and ST105 disk interface cards SLB memory cards 2MW, 1MW Special 8 MW SLB PC RAM card Lbus memory cards 2MW, 1MW, 512kW CAD Buffer II card sets (for CAD color) Intel 386 coprocessor with floppy drive (run DOS or Win98 ...) Front End Lbus FEP IO SLB Input/output 3640 input/output Data Path Memory Controller Sequencer Color controller Color memory Frame Grabber

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