- Symbolics equipment available through other sources -

From time to time people ask me if I know anyone who might want their Symbolics system, I try to pass on any appropriate leads that I might have. One of the biggest issues with this type of equipment is the cost and practicalities of shipping. All my material is based in the UK, however sometimes people in the US or continental Europe have systems available. With limitations I am now offering to list other people's systems.

Caveat emptor
It is important that all parties understand that I take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for anything listed here. You can assume that unless I explicitly say otherwise, I do not know the person(s) making the offer nor anything about the equipment concerned. By following up on equipment or information listed in this Worldwide section of my site, you agree not to infer any liability or responsibility on me. Needless to say, if there are problems I would like to know and if appropriate will de-list anything which seems contentious. I will not try to remedy any conflicts.

If there is anyone out there who is qualified to give me internationally valid advice such that in the shortest and clearest way I both make it clear that I take no responsibility for 3rd party liabilities and protect myself from litigations adventurers, I would be most grateful for your help.

I find that most people are not explicit in stating the complete, appropriate and factual information concerning their equipment (mostly just because they do not think of what they say in terms of how the reader might understand it). I will try to help people express themselves clearly but will not intentionally put words into their mouths.

I am not venturing into a business service here, but it does seem useful to offer communal help, though I am aware of other people who have tried generously to help like this (not with Symbolics systems) but have been burned by trouble makers and the madly litigious. My fingers are crossed, that said, do ask if you think this could help you.

It might be worth pointing out that most people only part with Symbolics equipment with the objective of earning some income, so come forward everyone who is interested with your money ready. Make a sensible offer.

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